Golf Tournament

Rules and Guidelines


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St. John XXIII Knights of Columbus Council 13624

Third Annual Charity Golf Tournament

October 29th, 2022

The Forest Country Club Ft. Myers, Florida

Rules and Guidelines for the Tournament

  1. The format of the tournament will be a Shamble Two best of Four.

  2. Each Player will hit his drive and then the best one is selected. From there, each Player in the foursome will hit his second shot and complete the hole. The GROSS (actual) score for each player will be recorded on the scorecard and turned in at the scoreboard Table IMMEDIATELY upon completion of the round. There net scores will be calculated (Gross-Hdcp=Net score.) The two best net scores per team will determine the winning teams. Once all scores have been posted, the winning teams will be announced.

  3. Putt everything out- no gimmees.

  4. Any ties will be broken by determining lowest TEAM TOTAL SCORE on the number 1 handicap hole, then number 2 handicap hole., etc. until the tie is broken. Decision of the Tournament Director is final.

  5. The Top three teams will qualify for Cash Prizes as follows:

First Place Team: $500.00

Second Place team: $300.00

Third Place Team: $200.00

  1. Players will have the opportunity to buy Mulligans and Raffle Tickets at

the registration table. Maximum 2 Mulligans per player (honor System). NOTE: Mulligans may be used on all Holes including Par 3’s. However, on Par Threes where there is a closest to the pin skill contest, ONLY YOUR FIRST SHOT COUNTS for purposes of the contest/prize.

  1. All Players will play from the WHITE Tees, except those whose handicap is based upon longer tees. They are to play from their normal tee boxes. Women will play from the Women’s (color) tees.

  2. All players are eligible to participate in the putting contest between hole # 9 and hole # 10. Winner gets 50% of Contest proceeds. In case of a tie

There will be a “putt off” after the round to determine the winner.

Thank you for your participation. ENJOY your day at The Forest Country Club!